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More than one-third of college students are the first in their families to go to college!

“First Generation College Student” is a unique identity. 但这意味着什么呢?
If your parents or legal guardians did not complete a bachelor’s degree, then you are considered a first-generation college student.

First Gen, First Step Program

The College for Creative Studies’ First Gen, First Step leadership program was developed to assist incoming First Gen students acclimate to campus life, provide in-depth resources, and create a close-knit community to prepare them for success in their first year of college.

Throughout this three-day leadership development program, five selected First Gen students will get closely connected with CCS campus resources, dive into better understanding their strengths, and gain invaluable 技能 to thrive in college. With peer and staff mentorship, and opportunities to explore Detroit, students will quickly become integrated into a new and supportive CCS community.

Students selected for the program can expect to:

  • Get personally connected with 校园 Resources, such as Financial 援助, Center for Tutoring & Writing, 职业发展, Wellness Center, 和更多的.
  • Gain insight to their innate strengths & how to use them to succeed.
  • Find community with fellow First Gen students.
  • Learn more about on-campus jobs & how to balance working while going to school.
  • 与同学、老师见面, & staff mentors who are also First Gens.
  • Get tips on how to access & utilize your faculty members.
  • Engage in community-building activities in Detroit.
  • Have the option to enroll in a First-Gen specific First Year Experience course for Fall 2021.

First Year Experience: First Gen

CCS is proud to offer a section of our First Year Experience (FYE) course dedicated specifically to our incoming first-generation college students. Not only do we focus on academic preparedness, 技能, 和成功, but we also discuss topics that are often unique to First Gen students, such as: balancing school while working, 导航经济援助, connecting with your professors, finding your community at CCS, 和更多的! Using a strengths-based approach, we will dig deeper into what makes you unique as a human & as a First Gen student, and how that will serve you in your time at CCS. 

The majority of new, incoming students are required to take FYE in their first semester at CCS. First-generation students can self-select into the First Gen section when they register for classes. 

Questions about this section of FYE can be directed to (电子邮件保护).





Helpful Resources for First Generation College Students

Center for First Generation Student Success

The First Gen, First Step program is funded by the Applebaum Family Compass Fund.

a group of people hanging out outside
a group of people hanging out outside
a group of people hanging out outside